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I just purchased my first 2 piece swimsuit…a fatkini if you will. A year ago I would’ve never considered wearing something that showed this much skin. Why? Because I was afraid of what people might say or think. Then I realized, who the fuck cares what people say? I’m sick and tired of wearing “appropriate” clothes that I don’t like to please people that I don’t like. I’m tired of not liking my body because our culture tells me that I’m not attractive or worthy because I’m a bit bigger. I’m sick of hiding behind conservative clothing. I love my body. This year has been about eating healthier, rocking fashion that a girl my size isn’t “supposed” to wear and loving myself. Because in the end this is my life and my body, why not love it and make the most of it while I’m on this earth? If you don’t like my body, I honestly don’t care. My opinion is all that matters in the end and I LOVE my body. Especially in this swim suit. Also here’s a picture of my fat and happy face :) EDIT: I got this suit at I am a size 18, if I can wear this and feel beautiful so can you!

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